Regular Bookings

The Hall is used at the same time every week by the following groups. If you would like to find out more about one of the groups, please contact the organiser.

If you are an organiser and would like to add more information to this page (email address, website, change phone number) please contact

18:00-20:00Chelsea Heal Fitness
19:00-22:00Skittles (Wrington Vale League)
Tuesday08:45-10:15Fitness Pilates with Lesley
Lesley Creane 01934 833618 or 07718049374
10:45-11:45Line Dancing with Mel
Mel Hollyman 01275 874560 or 07974489539
16:30-19:30Tae Kwon D
Andrew Mole 01275 343356
Andy Moles School of Tae Kwon Do (
20:00-21:00Line Dancing with Mel
Mel Hollyman 01275 874560 or 07974489539
19:00-22:00Skittles (Wrington Vale League)
11:45-16:45Yatton Sequence Dancing
18:00-19:15Chelsea Heal Fitness
19:30-21:00Canine Ring Craft
19:00-22:00Skittles (Wrington Vale League)
Thurs09:30-11:00Fitness Pilates with Lesley
Lesley Crane 01934 833618 or 07718049374
17:45-20:45PJ’s Dance Academy (Private Classes)
Julie Purdie – 07855827464
Friday9:30-10:30Just Go 2 Pilates